In Spanish: losJuegos: Mates de Kinder

April 17, 2014

After a long long winter here in Minnesota, this week we finally got out our first foray into localizing theGames: Kindergarten Math Standards with losJuegos: Mates de Kinder. Translating our apps into multiple languages has always been our intention, so this will just be the beginning of things to come. Our first app idea was just to be a simple multi-lingual flashcard app with my dad's animal drawings. We should have done that to begin with! I looked back at some files which were saved back in April of 2010!

Well, this translation update comes with a User Interface freshening as well. I really like the slide-out gesture on mobile devices and how that is a touchscreen-only action. So, the new interface high-lights that capability. Some things we simplified and lightened up as well.

And then the rewards. . . World Wide Animals! This was fun to research and discover the native habitat of all these animals. I think kids will really enjoy discovering them as well. The next grade levels will continue along with the same theme of photos from around the world. A bit of a geography lesson mixed in with all this Math!

If anyone wants to submit their photos to be used in our apps, feel free to contact us and we will take a look! 

Now, back to working on First Grade! And Second Grade! Soon. . .