On a Creative Quest for Success with Apps

From the beginning of the year we have been working on ways to bring our very first app, Pencilicious for the iPad, back into focus. It still is an excellent sketching app, with functionality that just doesn't exist in other apps. But, as it was our first app, we really had no idea how to market it, and exposure was limited. 

Time to change that! 

So, in March, we released the first app in the newly styled Pencilicious: Pencilicious Doodle Message Keyboard. A few weeks later it was featured on the front page of the App Store as a Best New App! Wow! Excitement! That week was amazing. We climbed into the top 200 Paid Apps for both the iPhone and iPad and stayed there the entire week we were featured. I was bopping around beaming from ear-to-ear the entire week, sharing my enthusiasm with everyone I spoke to.

Then the new round of Best New Apps appeared on Thursday afternoon. 

Next comes a complete revamp of our original app, now it's Universal. This in itself is worthy of accolades, as there are very few simple but high quality doodling apps out there. But, our focus has brought clarity to what is unique about Pencilicious. And now we can share that with making "sprites" and making them sharable. 

Pencilicious is about unlocking and sharing creativity through doodles. We want to make truly personal digital stickers for people to express their individuality. Pencilicious makes digital doodles look good and they are super intuitive to make and share.

Coming soon. . . .