Your Privacy is important to us!

We value children's online privacy.


Our educational apps:

  • Do not collect personally identifiable information
  • Do not generate any performance reports
  • Do not contain in-app purchases
  • Do not link to outside websites or social media
  • Do not contain advertisements

In fact, at this time, our educational apps do not use ANY third parties in any way.

our doodling apps:

  • We do not collect any personally identifiable information.
  • We do not have access to your typing in the keyboard app!
  • Links to social media sharing services are per the users' discretion.
  • All pre-installed artwork is copyrighted by appikiko, LLC and cannot be sold without our explicit permission.
  • Users are free to use the pre-installed artwork for their own personal use, or for promotional purposes.
  • Appikiko, LLC does not have permission to reproduce or sell users' artwork, unless permission is explicitly granted by the artist.


As parents and app makers, we are proud to be members of the KNOW What's Inside community (formerly known as, MOMs With Apps). We fully support the KNOW What's Inside campaign to inform parents and educators about mobile app privacy policies. 

This badge is a symbol to inform consumers that our educational apps:

  • are for KIDS!
  • practice best privacy policies
  • contain NO SURPRISES

Please join us in supporting educational apps that follow these guidelines.

More information can be found at: