custom iphone & ipad drawing experiences

There are many options for your museum to incorporate digital drawing with the doodles! family of drawing apps by appikiko into your visitor experience!

If your museum is looking for a continuing use of a mobile drawing app, we offer the opportunity to brand the doodles! express app to YOUR museum. This is a unique and interactive way for you to promote a new tool for your visitors to see and experience your collection. With our built-in social media connections, your visitors will be creating something eye-catching and unique, giving your museum visibility.

We offer multiple levels of complexity and customization for any situation.

Location Based Control

  • Expo stream of user posts from ONLY your museum, based on your location.

  • Customized graphic and linked content, such as new exhibits, upcoming events, etc. . . pushed to users at your museum.

  • iBeacon alerts to suggest an installation to doodle when a user is near, along with options to see other peoples' doodle responses.

  • Curation of visitors' doodles based on location.

  • Automatic links, #hashtags and @ mentions added to visitors' social media posts from the app.

Museum Specific Customization

  • Fully branded app, with your museum's name and imagery throughout. Distributed as a stand-alone app.

  • Self-guided drawing tour, leading users through your collection, and the steps to doodle and post their interpretations.

  • Fully integrated social media platform links and #hashtag campaigns.

  • Doodle stream posted to your museum's website.

  • Custom palette colors based on collections.

  • Events, openings, fundraisers can all get custom treatment directed at who your users will be.

  • Integrate a "customer loyalty" incentive tied to how many doodles a museum visitor posts.

  • Your Education department can specify and collaborate for any initiatives and objectives they are developing. This is an excellent opportunity to provide STEAM integrated activities to school groups.

Marta has enjoyed getting to personally know the Museum Technology folks through the MCN2015 and MW2016 conferences.

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